Getting naked in a private place like a nude massage parlour can cause some people unnecessary anxiety and stress. If it’s your first time in the parlour, then it’s only natural for you to feel self-conscious and scared. Who wants to have their body judged by a stranger? However, you might be surprised to know that nude massage therapy can be incredibly beneficial for your state of mind and physical body.

If you’re not convinced, then take some time to read the following key points, which will help you prepare for what to expect.


Verify that the service you want is offered

It is very important that you verify whether the erotic parlour offers the service you want. Some parlours don’t offer erotic or sexual services, so you don’t want to make an unwanted assumption mid-way through the service. There are many legal grey areas in this industry, so it’s best to be transparent.

For example, one of the most popular services available is called a bodyslide nude massage. This refers to when the therapist removes their clothes and rubs oil over the client’s body using their own body. It is obviously a very sensual and erotic experience; however, it is not necessarily available at all parlours. Make sure you ask in advance.


Don’t be self-conscious

One of the big fears of getting a nude massage is having your body judged by another person. If you are plagued by the fear of being evaluated and scrutinised based on your body, then it’s important to remember this: these therapists are professionals. At the end of the day, the therapist does this for a living, so they are seeing different body shapes and sizes basically every day.


Don’t believe the stigma

We’re all aware of the stigma and preconceptions that many people hold about nude massage parlours and the people in the industry. Erotic parlours are often blighted by these beliefs, which are often misconceptions about the industry. Many people see the act and the overall environment as unclean or grubby. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, erotic parlours throughout Australia are required to pass strict regulation regarding workplace health and safety. Australia has relatively strict industrial relations policy, so the argument that the parlour is physically dirty is simply untrue.


Reduces stress

One of the big advantages of getting a nude massage is it is positively correlated with stress reduction. Physical therapy can help relax muscle tension, minimise any lingering muscle soreness and help relieve any frustration or pressure you might be experiencing in your life. The source of this stress could be anything: work, family, social life or even something more specific, like a mental health condition. Whatever it might be, erotic bodywork can relieve your frustration and take you away from all of life’s troubles for a while.


How a typical nude massage begins

Generally, the masseuse will begin with some non-sexual bodywork. This is will involve some generic relaxation techniques to help get you in the mood for the latter parts of the session. During this time, feel free to ask the masseuse about whether he/she can do certain things during the session – they will try to make the whole experience as enjoyable as possible for you!


Respect is crucial

Respect is the most important part of this transaction. Naturally, receiving a nude massage service isn’t like other commercial transactions – there is an element of intimacy and connection that is fostered throughout the session. If the parlour believes that you are being demeaning or derogatory towards your masseuse, you are liable for to being blacklisted by the organisation. Show some respect and make sure you thank your masseuse for their effort and time.